Mabuhay Germany 2011

I couldn’t help but feel a slight sting of nostalgia when I went to the “Mabuhay Germany” exhibit last night. Our visit to Deutschland last May was brief but truly memorable. I was already dreaming of coming back days before we packed our bags for the next leg of our journey. Walking down the tent-lined strip at Bonifacio High Street kind of felt like a trip down memory lane and a wishful glimpse into the future. Nothing like a mouthful of franks and a cold bottle of bier to take you places! 🙂

Sausage galore

Has a very light, sweet taste

Stalls serving genuine German food and drinks

DJ Chrismyk on stage

“Mabuhay Germany” is an annual event of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GPCCI), in commemoration of 140 years of trade partnership between the Philippines and Germany. This year’s festivities are held at Bonifacio High Street from October 07 to 09, 2011.

Don’t let the rains stop you; do drop by if you can.



6 thoughts on “Mabuhay Germany 2011

  1. DEUTSCHLAAAAND! I miss! And sayang I did not go to the Mabuhay Germany. My foundation (Friedrich Naumann Foundation) has a booth and we were invited to go kaso tinamad ako. :)))))

    1. Hi Reinna! Nice to see you here. Thanks for visiting. 🙂 We have a booth there too; that’s why I went. Good thing I did. Sayang, we could’ve gone there together pala. 🙂

  2. Shucks, I missed it. My sister who’s obsessed with anything Deutshe could have had the bestest best time there, Hehe. Sana meron pa next year! 🙂

    1. Sayang. For sure, meron pa yun next year! Ayn, let’s do something “culturati-ish” some time. 😀 Tagal na nung movie lakad fail natin. Haha

      1. I’m game! Just scout for one and I’ll tag along! Lam mo namang di ako magaling sa ganyan e. Excited! 🙂

      2. Di rin ako ganon ka-updated e. Sige, I’ll keep an eye out. Ikaw kaya tong nag-mumuseum tour. 🙂 Hmm, let’s go to downtown Manila kaya?

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