A Dress

Two of my dearest friends, F & R, are getting married in a few months, and they are bestowing upon me the honor of being one of their bridesmaids! The wedding preps will soon be in full swing, and I can already feel the excitement. Bells will be ringing before we know it!

R sent me a message a couple of days ago saying that she’s giving us the liberty to design our own dresses. Trust R to be so kind and considerate, even for her special day. 🙂

As I was just taking time off at home, I soon snatched a pen and pieces of scratch paper from my sister’s desk and started doodling while watching some TV. Here’s the quick sketch I came up with, alongside the hairstyle I’m pegging:

This dress with those curls

I can only hope to be as pretty as Ms. Seyfried over there, so I’m only referencing her hair. Haha. I want something classic and elegant, definitely nothing too trendy. It’s just a study now, especially since I haven’t seen the fabric yet. I’ll just work on the details with the seamstress later on. But I think I like this idea already, and it works, don’t you agree? Let me know if you have any suggestions!



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