First off, apologies for the title. I couldn’t resist. 😛

I love The Sartorialist, and I love Giovanna Battaglia‘s style. So what a cheap thrill it was to see that one of my favorite pairs of shoes looks quite similar to the ones she’s wearing in the photo below!

Aside from the brand and the price tag (and quality too most probably), the only other obvious difference I can tell is that mine has tassels, while hers do not. I’ve worn my pair a million times, and I’d continue to use them if not for the hole on the sole of the left shoe (read: use and abuse). To be honest, they kind of look kadiri already. So yes, it’s time for me to accept that they’re due to retire soon. Fortunately, last time I checked, the loafers I love are still available, but being my kinda kuripot self, I’m thinking I’ll just wait until they go on sale. Haha.

View the original post here. Thank you, Scott Schuman, for sharing!



2 thoughts on “Sole-mates

  1. First of all, I forgive you for the title. Second, patawarin Sharon, palitan mo na yun! Haha. But I get ye. Methinks it’s pretty cool to strut a laspag pair sometimes. Haha. 🙂

  2. Haha. Di ko na nga ginagamit e. Super kawawa na. Nadaanan ko siya sa store nung isang araw and parang gusto ko uli, kaso medyo mahal pa rin. Ayn, nag-start ka na ba mamili ng Christmas gifts? *wink, wink* Hahaha 😀

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