For Tinapie

The gift of friendship is one of the most precious blessings any person can receive. I do know that God has truly been very good to me, for He has given me such great friends to share my life with, one of which is my dearest Tinapie.

I first met Tina in our freshman Arch 1 class through my friend and seatmate (drafting-table-mate-on-the-left), Racsianne. Tina and I both rode the MRT and soon started going home together almost everyday for the next four years. I found someone to share the long commute with and a friend for life.

Tinapie has proven herself exceedingly generous, kind-hearted, and steadfast as a rock time and time again. Her techie expertise is just one of the many talents she freely shared with her friends. And how many times did she treat us for snacks! Haha. 😉 We were confidants, partners in crime, and groupmates in class by default. We shared the same wavelength, and there were times when I myself was amazed at how in sync we were. MRT rides became occasions for discourses on philosophy, design ideas, current events, and the latest gossip. Oh man, good times.

Who else would want to walk down Gilmore Ave. with me from sunset to ten o’clock at night on the hunt for a furniture maker for our project? Or scour Taft Ave. for a printer who would be willing to do our tarpaulin overnight? We were both “cowboy” as they say, unafraid to break a sweat and get blistered feet to get the job done, and I love that about her.

We didn’t really drink or go partying together, and we never smoked. But we do have our moments. I will always remember getting drunk with her and the rest of the class on the way back to Manila from a field trip. Lambanog and iced tea make for great travel companions, we learned. 😉 We sat inside Jollibee in Philcoa at way past midnight, giggling at our messy folly. Sitting on the floor of a very public restroom after puking in the toilets seemed perfectly funny at the time. Hah. Never again I tell you.

Me with beer & Tina with her ice cream bar

Tina was the one who called and excitedly delivered the news that we both passed the ID licensure exams. It was a moment of joy and celebration, and I’m glad we shared it. Our dreams have started to come true, and soon we took separate paths and set off on the next chapter of our personal journeys.

Three years later, she was the first in our group to get married. Tina and her Pusoy tied the knot late last year. I really didn’t want to give a speech at their wedding, because there was no way I could keep myself from crying. I know I’m not her mother or her sister, but I somehow felt like I too was “giving away” someone very dear to me. Oo, ako na ang feeling. Haha! 😛 I could tell that they truly love each other, and I was thrilled for them both. Witnessing their happiness unfold is important to me.

Earlier this month, she migrated to Canada to be with her hubby and begin their life together there. Life is literally taking her places. It was sad to see her go, but at the same time, we’re all excited for her. She’s now in the arms of the man she loves, and that must feel like heaven on earth. I’m sure there are many wonderful surprises waiting for her and her young family. Someone as amazing as her deserves nothing less.

I’ll see you soon, bading! Thank you for being one of my bestest friends ever. I will miss you. 🙂 You better make good on your promise and visit us soon, ok? And start filling that box of pasalubong for us already. Haha! I love you! 🙂



4 thoughts on “For Tinapie

  1. I love your story. And I’m sure God didn’t create great friendships such as Tina and yours just to end up being apart in an insurmountable distance. You both are blessings to each other. And make that forever. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ayn! 🙂 Distance is something that we too shall have soon. Bright side na lang titignan ko. Distance will force us to reach farther and widen our horizons. Kaya ikaw, don’t be a stranger. I’LL MISS YOU! 🙂

  3. Hay nako wag mo ‘kong simulan, Sharon Lumanog. I’ll reserve these tears for Friday. 😦 But I assure you, I’d just be around, as soon as you’d all be. I’ll forever be your number one fan, Xiaos. You know that. 🙂

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