Hello, 2012!

It’s New Year’s Eve, people! The air is beginning to thicken with the deafening cries of firecrackers and the blaring noise from children’s paper horns. Kitchens everywhere are churning out lovingly prepared dishes that families will be sharing in a few minutes. It’s always a wonderful time, and as I realized while I was bathing earlier (excuse the mental image), a real sensory experience.

That’s what this year has been like for me. A profound sensory experience. An incredible leg in the journey that has taught me that I can go further, that I can stretch my limbs farther still. It has been a year of work and reward, of discovery and learning, of appreciating the value of family and friendship, of truly abundant blessings. I have so much to thank God for. He has been so good to me, as I’m sure He has been to everyone.

2012 is now upon us. It’s pulling the rug from under its predecessor and pushing it out the door. I’m getting really good vibes for this one. I have a feeling the New Year will be ushering in a wave of surprises designed to hurl us forward, to pull us higher. It’s looking good, people. So jump, dance, holler, and kiss your loved ones good. Let’s go, 2012! Bring it.

A very blessed and crazy amazing new year to everyone! Cheers, mates!!!



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