World Cup of Pool 2012

Few people know that I am a huge billiards/pool fan. It’s one of the handful of sports that I actually take pleasure in watching, no matter how excruciating seeing it live can get sometimes. Unlike basketball, which I also adore, you can’t pump your fist in the air or erupt in cheers or boo’s. You sit still and observe in silence as the players circle the table and work their way through the racks in true stoic, gentlemanly fashion. The pressure builds, I tell you, and it’s all just inexplicably absorbing, for me at least.

I’ve tried playing a few times, and I have been able to pocket balls. By no means am I a player, though. I’ve been perfectly content being a spectator so far. Haha. More on how I got into billiards next time. 🙂

For now, I would just like to extend my greetings to this year’s World Cup of Pool winner, Team Finland! Congratulations to Mika Immonen and Petri Makkonen! They had to defeat three former champion teams (including our very own Philippine team composed of Bata Reyes and Django Bustamante) en route to the finals where they outplayed the very able Polish duo in a closely contested race to 10 match.

Petri and Mika

Check out Mika’s post about their championship win on his blog.

What a week of terrific, gut-wrenching pool it was. ‘Til next year. Onnea, Finland!



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