The Week’s LOL Videos

You know how some people like to look at funny websites that contain silly comic strips and pics of cute kitties? That’s not really my thing, but should someone shove an image in my face (like my brother sometimes does), then I’ll sigh, roll my eyes, and take a peep (like I have a choice). To be fair, they are most often hilarious. I just won’t go seek them out myself.

This week however, I came across three videos that made quite an impact on me. They’re hilarious, uber cute, and somewhat weird and questionable. People are having varying reactions for sure. Whatever they are, be them good or ill, they’re causing viewers to hit the ‘share’ button, which is essentially what I’m doing now. And that my friends, I believe, is the entire point.

The first one is a PSA of the Melbourne Metro, which was sent to me by my brother (who else?). It’s terribly cute and twisted, and that blasted catchy tune has been stuck in my head the whole day.


The next one is just adorable. Minnie and Mickey in Paris! Minnie getting that gorgeous frock from Mickey! What girl in her right mind would not want to be in her pink pumps? I had a fun time recognizing the fashion faces she rubbed elbows with in her dizzying, dazzling turn as the toast of the town.


I am still on the fence on this last one. While the little dolls look absolutely disarming, something about having children mimic those personalities doesn’t sit quite well with me. I mean, at what age are kids old enough to have a “fashion shower”?




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