Ethan Allen Feature in Manila Bulletin

Take a peek at the Ethan Allen feature in today’s newspaper!

Read the online version here.



2 thoughts on “Ethan Allen Feature in Manila Bulletin

  1. Wow, nice! Are these pics from the actual showroom? Looks like it! The ones above are from TRAG, I bet? The ones below… hardly recognizable… kung Pioneer to, well sorry, mukhang imported shots! Astig kayo guys, good job! I miss you tuloy lalo. Wanna drop by and see those Yuletide set-ups. 🙂

    And nice feature Shaws. Should have bought today’s paper, para nakapagyabang man lang akong “friend ko to!” Hahaha! 🙂 XOXO

    1. Nako nako, Ayn… Alam mo namang Ethan Allen ang finifeature dyan, not me at all. 😛 Sa Rez lahat ang mga pics na yan. 🙂 Sumama ka na kasi sa Wednesday! 😀

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