The New Little Boss

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a mound of fur nestled against my side. It took more than a couple of seconds for me to remember that a new member of the family has arrived and apparently has promptly elected my bed to be his/her favorite snooze spot. I scooped up the bewhiskered ball and gently placed him/her on the floor. A couple of somewhat disappointed, yearning meow’s failed to deter me from drifting back to sleep.

In what felt like an hour later, I was roused once more and again sensed a presence near me. I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times, hurriedly attempting to make sense of the hazy figure hovering over my face. Once it came into focus, the solid jet black outline jumped out against the darkness of the room. He/she is back, sitting calmly and quietly, his/her steady gaze fixed on me, studying me as it seems. That’s when I realized that no matter how hard I stare, I could not see his/her green eyes. I am looking directly at a very, very black mass. A sudden jolt of freaked out panic surged through me. I was very much awake now, thank you very much. I popped out of bed, snatched him/her up, and (still gently) tossed him/her out the door.

Meet Salem, my slithery, irrepressible stunner of a kitten.

As much as I adore this absurdly bewitching specimen of inky black feline cuteness, this new roommate arrangement definitely needs some work. Receiving wake-up calls from a shadow-like figure, no matter how delightful when bathed in light, will certainly require some getting used to.

P. S. We haven’t bothered to check his/her sex yet. You learn to wait when you (and the vet) have made wrong determinations in the past. No need to confuse the little kitty now, is there? Haha.



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