Yes friends, I already turned 25 last June 04. I already spent a quarter of a century on the surface of the earth living, working, playing, and somehow feeling apologetic for this super duper late blog update. And yes, my ’25Before25′ project has long expired. Although I thrive in the pressure of time constraints and as much as I wanted to keep my eight-month deadline, I have made the painful but inevitable decision to let go of its original time frame. Upon closer inspection, I’ve realized that even if I tried to be sensible in setting those tasks for myself, they were still unrealistic. I overestimated my ability to complete them in mere eight months, given the resources I can allot to it, my work schedule, and all the other things going on in my life.

On the upside, I’m proud to say that I did not let this setback stop me. I could have easily just scrapped the whole thing altogether, dismissed the idea of demolishing bucket lists as a gallant but frivolous undertaking, quietly swept this little pipe dream under the rug, and forgotten about it. But I didn’t.

However small the steps I’ve taken so far, they have already opened me to new and wonderful people and experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. As I earnestly endeavored to fulfill my project, I learned that truly doing things is so much more than just crossing off one task after the other. When you open yourself, you get so much in return, and this creates a sense of an overflowing of goodness that leads you not only onward but deeper as well. You will keep coming back for more. That one thing can lead to another, which may not be on the list but is equally if not more worthwhile.

This little adventure of mine started out as a singular mission. It still is, but it has also become a source of a wealth of joy that makes it very hard to stop at just learning to do things, like swimming or surfing. Heck, I want to keep swimming and surfing!

I haven’t been able to chronicle my exploits, but I have made progress. I definitely will share my experiences here soon. And although my eight months have long been up, I will continue to slash off one by one (Battousai style) those that I have yet to accomplish. I’ve been thinking of changing it to ’25@25′, meaning to destroy the list while I’m 25, but I’ve decided against it. This has been a continuing lesson in widening my horizons and creating wonderful opportunities, and I remain to be an eager learner of how to make good things happen. I fully intend to finish what I started, and as life continues to unfold, this project will serve to complement the many blessings and challenges that will come my way, guaranteeing myself a kick-ass year (or years) ahead.


Photo credit: whoreders.blogspot.com


2 thoughts on “25!

  1. Nice one Xiaos! Here’s my fave line: “When you open yourself, you get so much in return, and this leads to a sense of an overflowing of goodness that leads you not only onward but deeper as well.” Exactly how I feel. Yep, Xiaos, let’s not restrict ourselves to the numbers, but continue on living and loving life as it comes!

    Btw, you are NOT a terrible blogger, ‘no! And 2012 has been a great chronicling year for you, my dear. But let’s do better this 2013. I miss you! 😀

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