Quickie #7: Call Me… (Anything But Maybe)

I’ve often wondered the same thing. If Juliet and Shakespeare are to be believed, names are nothing but an arbitrary convention that we have put upon ourselves. While I do believe that our names do not make us who we are, they do constitute a part of our identity. A lot has already been said to argue both sides, and this is certainly a topic for a much longer conversation. But I just got into thinking how there is certainly nothing arbitrary about the thought and time I have already put into coming up with names for my future children, both first and middle (two given names). Now if only there are kids to christen already, I’d have one less thing to think about. One thing’s for sure though. When they finally make it to this life, they’d find that their names would be anything but random and how absolutely silly their mom is! Lol!


Photo credit: peashot.wordpress.com


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