A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do:

1)      Learn how to swim properly

2)      Have my back checked

3)      Dye/perm/rebond/______ my hair

4)      Drive myself. For real.

5)      Cook dinner at least 2x per week for a month

6)      Plant a tree

7)      Start dancing again

8)      Write a short story

9)      Learn how to surf

10)  Earn my PADI diver’s license

11)  Travel to a foreign country by myself

12)  Kiss a total stranger

13)  Go bungee-jumping

14)  Learn to play the guitar

15)  Tell a guy that I like him

16)  Join a rally in Mendiola

17)  Go on a blind date

18)  Go spelunking in Puerto Prinsesa or Sagada

19)  Begin to learn Spanish

20)  Swim with whale sharks and climb Mt. Mayon

21)  Sing on a stage in front of a crowd

22)  Take an art class

23)  Submit an article

24)  Treat the whole family to a vacation

25)  Apply for grad school 


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