Soap & Glory: Flake Away


I have never done a product review before, and that is something I haven’t thought of doing ’til now. I just came out of the shower, and I am very very much delighted with my latest product discovery — Flake Away Body Polish by Soap & Glory.

One of my friends asked me to get her something from Sephora during my visit to Singapore last weekend, and as I was standing in line, I thought I might as well get something for myself while I’m there (we still don’t have Sephora in Manila!). I didn’t really need anything (although I do have a lot of wants), and since I was already near the cashier, I just picked up a small pink pot  from the stand beside me. I know of Soap & Glory, but I have never tried any of their products. The packaging was cute (very pink), the price was okay, so why not?

I tried it for the first time just now. It felt just like any other body scrub while I was applying it in the shower. It smelled great, fruity but not in a nauseating kind of way. The surprise came after I rinsed it off. My skin feels so soft and smooth, like a thin layer of silkiness (this is hard to explain) is retained by the skin. And it smells sooo good — feminine and sweet but also fresh and clean. I keep sniffing my arms right now! Oh man, the love I now have for this.

How I wish Soap & Glory stuff will soon be widely available here in Manila. And while I’m at it, you too, Sephora!



The Week’s LOL Videos

You know how some people like to look at funny websites that contain silly comic strips and pics of cute kitties? That’s not really my thing, but should someone shove an image in my face (like my brother sometimes does), then I’ll sigh, roll my eyes, and take a peep (like I have a choice). To be fair, they are most often hilarious. I just won’t go seek them out myself.

This week however, I came across three videos that made quite an impact on me. They’re hilarious, uber cute, and somewhat weird and questionable. People are having varying reactions for sure. Whatever they are, be them good or ill, they’re causing viewers to hit the ‘share’ button, which is essentially what I’m doing now. And that my friends, I believe, is the entire point.

The first one is a PSA of the Melbourne Metro, which was sent to me by my brother (who else?). It’s terribly cute and twisted, and that blasted catchy tune has been stuck in my head the whole day.


The next one is just adorable. Minnie and Mickey in Paris! Minnie getting that gorgeous frock from Mickey! What girl in her right mind would not want to be in her pink pumps? I had a fun time recognizing the fashion faces she rubbed elbows with in her dizzying, dazzling turn as the toast of the town.


I am still on the fence on this last one. While the little dolls look absolutely disarming, something about having children mimic those personalities doesn’t sit quite well with me. I mean, at what age are kids old enough to have a “fashion shower”?



Taylor ❤!

Of all the fashion ladies I admire (Garance, Giovanna, Elisa, etc.), I have a real soft spot for Taylor Tomasi Hill. I love her aesthetic, edgy and unexpected. She doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously, undoubtedly elegant but never completely polished.

This is the first photo of her that I saw on The Sartorialist, and I’ve been a fan since. Isn’t she just stunning?! And those fiery tresses! She definitely has that ethereal redhead radiance going on… *girl crush swoon*

Fast forward a few years later… Garance Doré made this quick video of her recently, and I just felt the need to share. She doesn’t seem to be as well known as other industry stars, but I don’t think it’s possible to not like her – not when she’s looking like this…

Lovely, no? 🙂



First off, apologies for the title. I couldn’t resist. 😛

I love The Sartorialist, and I love Giovanna Battaglia‘s style. So what a cheap thrill it was to see that one of my favorite pairs of shoes looks quite similar to the ones she’s wearing in the photo below!

Aside from the brand and the price tag (and quality too most probably), the only other obvious difference I can tell is that mine has tassels, while hers do not. I’ve worn my pair a million times, and I’d continue to use them if not for the hole on the sole of the left shoe (read: use and abuse). To be honest, they kind of look kadiri already. So yes, it’s time for me to accept that they’re due to retire soon. Fortunately, last time I checked, the loafers I love are still available, but being my kinda kuripot self, I’m thinking I’ll just wait until they go on sale. Haha.

View the original post here. Thank you, Scott Schuman, for sharing!


A Dress

Two of my dearest friends, F & R, are getting married in a few months, and they are bestowing upon me the honor of being one of their bridesmaids! The wedding preps will soon be in full swing, and I can already feel the excitement. Bells will be ringing before we know it!

R sent me a message a couple of days ago saying that she’s giving us the liberty to design our own dresses. Trust R to be so kind and considerate, even for her special day. 🙂

As I was just taking time off at home, I soon snatched a pen and pieces of scratch paper from my sister’s desk and started doodling while watching some TV. Here’s the quick sketch I came up with, alongside the hairstyle I’m pegging:

This dress with those curls

I can only hope to be as pretty as Ms. Seyfried over there, so I’m only referencing her hair. Haha. I want something classic and elegant, definitely nothing too trendy. It’s just a study now, especially since I haven’t seen the fabric yet. I’ll just work on the details with the seamstress later on. But I think I like this idea already, and it works, don’t you agree? Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Arm Candy

Isn’t it wrong for me to want to hop on a plane and fly to the US just so I can lay my hands on these super cute $10 watches from Target? (No, I’m not at all bothering to concern myself with the logistics that would involve.) I really like the yellow and orange ones, and I think the straps would wrap around my thin wrist just fine.

And did I mention they only cost $10?? Man.