Kulot! aka 25before25 #3

I said goodbye (for now) to my naturally straight, “virgin” hair and got a digiperm last Monday. After some months vacillating over what it is exactly that I want to do to my locks, I finally chose to just stop thinking about it, left my thoughts by the door, and marched over to the salon. I was wondering whether to have my hair colored, rebonded, or permed. I decided to go for curls, as it’s something I’ve been dying to try for some time. It took real Herculean effort to blow off the mental debate I’ve been having with myself – weighing the pro’s and con’s, worrying about frizziness, and risking damage to my fine strands. And what for? The dream of having those luscious, seemingly effortless, sexy beach babe waves.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Azta Urban Salon Robinson’s Pioneer branch and tried their foot spa. I go to salons primarily for haircuts. I’m really not the type to get my pampering at salons or spas, but pedi’s are starting to become a wee luxury. (More on that some other time.) Their senior stylist offered free hair consultation and suggested the digiperm over rebonding. Since then, he followed up constantly and pretty much made sure they stayed top of mind.

I called ahead to book the appointment right before leaving the house. Good thing I went on a weekday, so the place wasn’t very busy. I armed myself with my own magazine and some food, knowing I’d basically spend the entire afternoon there. The process involved the following steps – rinsing my hair, applying the curling agent, letting it settle, washing it off, winding the curls, heating them up, applying the neutralizer, letting it soak, unraveling the curls, rinsing again, putting on hair treatment, rinsing it off, drying my hair, then lastly, capping it off with some finishing product. All that took about four hours to complete (!), the longest I’ve stayed in a salon. I was patient, became sleepy, got antsy, and finally, tired from all the sitting around.

All those cables attached to my head reminded me of sci-fi alien-y flicks.

But by the time I saw my curls bouncing around on my shoulders, I felt suddenly reenergized. Needless to say, I looovvee the result! The curls are a little too coil-y, but that was expected. I know they’d loosen up with time. I was a very happy girl. 🙂

Ta-da! 🙂

I’m still getting a hang of caring for my new hair, but I really don’t mind the extra step, longer prep time, and all that scrunching and twirling every now and then. I love my curls, even if they do insist on going every which way! All part of the fun, I think. Besides, my straight hair had the same habit. Why then would I deny my twists some unruliness? Haha.

Five days later. So far so good!

Beach babe waves, here I come!



A Dress

Two of my dearest friends, F & R, are getting married in a few months, and they are bestowing upon me the honor of being one of their bridesmaids! The wedding preps will soon be in full swing, and I can already feel the excitement. Bells will be ringing before we know it!

R sent me a message a couple of days ago saying that she’s giving us the liberty to design our own dresses. Trust R to be so kind and considerate, even for her special day. 🙂

As I was just taking time off at home, I soon snatched a pen and pieces of scratch paper from my sister’s desk and started doodling while watching some TV. Here’s the quick sketch I came up with, alongside the hairstyle I’m pegging:

This dress with those curls

I can only hope to be as pretty as Ms. Seyfried over there, so I’m only referencing her hair. Haha. I want something classic and elegant, definitely nothing too trendy. It’s just a study now, especially since I haven’t seen the fabric yet. I’ll just work on the details with the seamstress later on. But I think I like this idea already, and it works, don’t you agree? Let me know if you have any suggestions!